Xcode v3

Last night I decided my discretionary time would be spent on starting with xcode to get started toward my bootcamp in October.  The more I learn before then the more I will get out of the camp.  I was using Aaron Hillegass’ Second Edition Cocoa book.  Of course Apple had to change how you create and associate classes to objects in the GUI builder.  I found once I went through Apple’s own tutorial example that I was able to automatically adapt the process in the book to how xcode v3 works.   Was pretty fun once I got it straight in my head.  There is still so much to learn and I doubt I will ever be up to a professional programmer level.  I am just hoping to get proficient enough to make some ideas I have had.  Making a few cocoa front ends for some good security tools would be cool too.I want to get all the way through this second edition book.  Then the couple of others I have.  Aaron’s third edition is coming out sometime soon.  Likely, I will get that and go through it once before October.