Woo Woo – Wii

My birthday was last weekend.  My wife had been trying to find a Wii for me in time for it.  Well someone was smiling on me.  She nor I could find one.  Not even online that wasn’t a scam to trick you into paying $600 for a lot of stuff you did not want just to get the Wii.  Here is what I did that worked great.  We get the Sunday paper.  So I made sure on my birthday that Sunday morning I checked it before the stores opened.  Guess what?  Kmart, Toys-R-Us and Best Buy all advertised Wiis for sale.  I checked and found Kmart opened at 8am (I was reading the paper at 7:30am).  Toys opened at 10am and Best Buy at 11am. I ran down to Kmart and got lucky.  Out of 10 they got in, 5 were left when I walked out.  3 had sold before I got there at 8:30am and a kid bought one same time I did.  But it turns out my strategy of being willing to go park in front of the other stores would have worked fine too.  I went to Best Buy at 1pm to get some accessories after I had a chance to figure out what I needed.   They still had 20 left out of 100 they got in.So if you are hunting a Wii, you might try that trick with the paper and checking ahead of time which stores open when.  Then just hit them in order as they open up.  It is not Christmas so this will probably work for you too.