Video – Podcasting Mix Minus Setup for Multi Track Recording and Skype

I walk through how I have mix minus setup to my Mackie 802-vlz3 board for multi track podcast recording. This goes along with my other video on using audio hijack pro for multitrack recording. I do realize you can pan one channel left and another right (such as the recording host and the music-fx) then record that coming out of the master mix. I don’t do this because it creates the extra work in post processing of having to break them apart into mono tracks. Plus doing individual hijacks in AHP lets me apply different audio processing stacks to the capture live as recorded. This setup works well when wanting to record all three tracks on one end when using skype. You might want to do this for interviews or when your cohost is traveling.




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  1. You are using some cool stuff I’ve never heard of… what do you you use "soundboard" for?

  2. I use the soundboard app for playing sounds during a straight to recording of a podcast.

  3. Great show on TMU with Victor, You have me inspired. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t use a USB mixer rather than a line in? If so what USB or FW mixer would you recommend. I currently would need 2-4 mix minus(s).Aloha

  4. Built in audio interfaces add cost to the board and is something else that can break in one. You would need a board with that many aux busses and likely a firewire interface and software capable of recording the discrete channels at once like Soundtrack pro, Peak etc.That won’t be cheap. Probably something high end from Mackie, Beringher etc.

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