UstreamTV Chat and IRC Client Setup

I have been wondering how to setup chat room access using an IRC chat client for Mac OS Ken Live instead of using the webpage chat. The web page chat is Adobe flash based and sometimes flakes out.


Here I used the donationware IRC Client for Mac OS X – Colloquy.

See More to get the key steps to the setup.

First you need the show’s IRC Channel name. You can see it in the Ustream page screen shot just above where chat text appears. In this case ours is “mac-os-ken-on-ustreamtv” Yup the channel name is the entire thing in quotes.


Next we need to set the server connection settings in the Colloquy program. Ustream has four main chat servers. We just choose the first one. Then we enter our exact Web site user log in name and password. Then we enter the username again as the Nickname.


Last we go to the Automatic tab for our connection and tell it to automatically join us to the right chat room for Mac OS Ken Live. We type the channel name we got from the show web page from ustream. In our case it is mac-os-ken-on-ustreamtv as we saw earlier. Now when you connect to using your IRC client you go straight into the chat room without having to use the chat on the web page itself. This is real handy if you want to watch the chat on your iPad for instance and have an IRC app on the iPad.


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