Using Hazel on OSX for Podcast Audio Production Archival

I got into setting up some Hazel file maintenance today. Hazel is a powerful app you can find at

It was a good episode of that got me going.


I have my audio work files on a firewire based raid mirror. As I am regularly doing the audio production for disk space becomes a concern over time. Yet I want to keep all the files. So I whipped up a hazel rule set that compresses all audio related files to zip if they are older than the current month automatically.


I have included screenshots here. The key is the subfolders rule. It ensures all the files under the Cyberspeak show get handled. Yet I make sure to exclude my show template from soundtrackPro and some music etc files. I show the rule for AIF uncompressed audio which is just replicated for each of the large file types I am concerned about.


Lastly I also use Chronosync from This lets my system automatically weekly sync over my entire audio production folder and file area to another hard drive across my network. This ensures I have copies of all my work on effectively three different hard drives. The two mirrored drives from the raid then a third drive across the house.