Undying Entertainment

We all know everyone is talking about the success of the new TV series “Walking Dead.”


But here are my favorite new media authors of the Undead.  Complete with links to their audio books over on http://www.podiobooks.com.   if you like the stories, be sure to use the donation button to give back what you feel is fair for such quality undying entertainment.


  1. Jake Bible – Dead Mech
  2. James Meltzer – The Zombie Chronicles – Escape 
  3. J.P. Moore – Toothless


I want to give a nod to Phil Rossi’s “Harvey.”  It is not quite zombie, but the story is very close in some respects.  Plus all of Phil Rossi’s work is just so darn good.  He even writes and performs his own music for his audio books.


One more author to be watching is Benjamin Rogers.  I know he is working on his audio to move his stories like “Faith & The Undead” to Podiobooks.com