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Terms of Service – Other Services

Just to further make my point. You can find the same "assumption of ownership" (this being my personal term for it) of your content sections in other popular sites. Remember, I am NOT a lawyer. Interestingly the Twitter TOS adds some markup that t...

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Terms of Service –

On a lark I decided to re-read the TOS for You can see them here. I am NOT a lawyer. BUT I find it funny they say "You own your User Content, not us." and "We claim no intellectual property rights over the mat...

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Social Media & Blogging – Posting Shell Game

Where is your "audience"? Or perhaps you have several levels of audience. I do. This is something I realized this week. I effectively have two main audience connection points for what I have to say and share. I have some minor levels of audience o...

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Social Media & Blogging – Use of Gravatar

I have been learning a lot as I manage and tie together the various social media sites. There is a site you should start with. It is This site let's you associate various avatar icons to various email addresses you use. Thi...

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