The Evil Dark Overlord of Horror Podcast Novels

I am so looking forward to my new hardcopy of Scott Sigler’s novel Infected.  Seems like just yesterday I was listening to the original audio release of the book.  Now I am anxiously awaiting my pre-order copy from Amazon.  I think to share the love I will also use the Barnes and Noble gift card the in-laws gave me for my birthday to buy a second copy and donate it to the Linebaugh public library where I am volunteer teaching.  Of course the  Dark Overlord has no mercy even on small puppy dogs.  See what happened to my poor dog Rylie cause he overheard the current release of the new Infected novel in audioInfected Puppy

Scott Sigler – Gore Master Extraordinarie

Scott Sigler’s work is a dash of Stephen King, the attitude radiated by Rocky Horror Picture Show plus the suspense and gore that makes the old classic slasher movies great. I have listened to Scott’s work since his second podcast novel, Ancestor started coming out. Finally that awesome work is coming to print. You can grab his PDF version of the novel on a link below. But be sure to check out his other stuff. I admit I am one of the many junkies who cannot wait for the next episode of whatever his current novel is. I should add a reminder to the SciFi channel folks. You are idiots for passing up on Ancestor for the crud you air on Saturday’s now. Don’t forget to watch for Ancestor to come to printed form soon. All the details are on Scott’s site.