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Griffin Powermate – Mic Mute Button

I picked up a Griffin Powermate last week on a whim. It is a usb connected solidly built alluminum control knob. You can press and turn it to trigger events. It also has a blue LED light for giving status feedback. It can work on Mac and Windows. ...

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My YouTube Channel

Interested in audio and podcasting production tips?  I have a nice collection of my best tricks in HD over on my YouTube Channel. Here is a sample of my videos.  This one is on Noise Reduction.  It is my most viewed video to date.

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Mac OS Ken Live – Call Screener

I wanted to share some diagrams of how I do the workflow for call screening Mac OS Ken Live The call flow shows how a call is handled and routed. The desktop shot is how I organize thing...

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Simple podcast audio level steps.

Want to make a nice consistent level in your podcast production? Here are the simple steps if your software supports RMS and Peak leveling. These steps come from a ot of experience and guidance over the years from my friends Victor Cajiao and Paul...

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