Photo Comparison – Kodak Zi8 – Canon S2 IS

I did a quick comparison shot between what is supposed to be a 5MP still shot ability of the Kodak Zi8 HD video camera and my old Canon S2 IS. The Canon is a 3MP camera. But it shows you how soft the Kodak makes still shots. It makes great HD footage when well lit. But there is no substitute for the right tool for the job. My old still camera with optical zoom is still a way better still shot camera.


OWLE Bubo for iPhone

I got my Owle Bubo ( today.  It is a limited edition run and mine is 233/500.


It is very well designed.  Nothing blocks the dock connector so I can plug in my iPhone without removing it from the chassis.  The included mic comes in a nice little velvet pouch and is very sturdy.  It just plugs into the headphone/mic jack and a hinge lets you aim it to the front of the unit so your sound comes from where the lens is pointed.


Now to just get myself a nice LED light with the shoe mount that is on top of the Owle.



Holiday News

Yesterday I posted the Christmas show for Friends in Tech.  In that show my friend Victor Cajiao spilled the beans that he had been considering starting a second show.  Typical Mac User will still be his main full time show.  But now we have Typical Shutterbug.  Typical Shutterbug will be a blog, flickr group and podcast about fun adventures and learning in Photography.   It won’t be guaranteed to be a regular show like TMU.  It is for fun and enjoyment.  Hopefully members of the community will also contribute making it seem like a regular production.