SNMP Auditing

Here is an easy way to find all snmp devices on your network and check if they are running any of a list of common strings you want to test for.  And do it without risking a write access check.  I did the following with my Mac PowerBook just using the C compiler CC.

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A while back Paul Asadoorian from over at wrote a perl script based on my shell script. It is a rocking little script that made concise output of an nmap scan. So here is the next step in the evolution.  I hacked it a little to make OmniOutliner like the output.

1. Download the modified perl script from here
2. Download Michael S. Scherotter‘s Omni to Map Applescript
3. Make sure you have your perl setup to run it. See my previous blog entry here
4. Run it and redirect the output to a text file: perl -i > homenet.txt
5. Open homenet.txt in OmniOutliner just by going to File and Open.
6. Open MindManager and either leave up a blank document or no document
7. Open and run Michael’s Applecsript and watch the map draw itself

Some tips if mapping a network with multiple segments.
1. Cat the various output files for each segment together into one text file
2. Insert lines for each network while in OmniOutliner and tab over all clients under it
3. Then run Michael’s Applescript and watch spokes appear for each segment with the hosts under it

Be sure to check out Paul and Larry’s upcoming Linksys Wrt54g Ultimate Hacking book.

My Home Network Map: