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Friends in Tech Throwback – A Geek Christmas Carol

Back in 2005 our podcasting group Friends in Tech made this wonderful adaptation of Christmas Carol. We retired the FiT site this year. So I wanted to share our 2005 Christmas special with you. I hope you enjoy it.The scary thing is that parts of it are still applicable to information technology today. [download link]

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iDevices and Creativity

I keep up on the trends in media production. What I find really amazing is how things like the iPhone4 and iPad are making seriously professional grade work possible for anyone. Even the true professionals. I cannot imagine what it would have cost...

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Stellar Author – Brandon Sanderson

Maybe you do not like Zombie and Horror, as I do. Something evident in previous posts.I was first exposed to the work of Brandon Sanderson through his Mistborn series on Final Empire: Mistborn Book 1The Well of Ascension: Mistborn,...

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Undying Entertainment

We all know everyone is talking about the success of the new TV series "Walking Dead." But here are my favorite new media authors of the Undead. Complete with links to their audio books over on if you like the stories, b...

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More Brainnnzz

I admit it I love Zombie stuff. From video games to movies to books/audio books. Right now I am enjoying a couple of Zombie related podcast novels. And of course we can't forget the awesome Zombie song by Jonathan Coulton: "re: Your Brains" http:/...

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