SurfControl – Tools say Server Still Running

If you have a need to run a surfcontrol tool like rulescheck.exe it requires you stop the web filter service.  If you stop the service and the tool says it is still running this is an entry stuck in the local sql database.  Here is how you quickly clear it out.  Make sure you stopped the surfcontrol web filter service FIRST.

  1. On the surfcontrol box console, open  the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express console.
  2. Expand the databases tree, expand the SurfControl_WebFilter database
  3. Expand the Tables section and right click on dbo._REGISTERED_SERVER_C table
  4. Choose Open Table
  5.  Right click ALL rows where you see an ID and Server name populated and choose delete.
  6. This table should be empty if the service is stopped.  If it has a listing then it got stuck and any tools will think the service is still running.
  7. Once you clear out the rows close the console and run your desired tool again.