Surf Control – Rules Manager Getting Started

I promised over on In the Trenches that I would create some rules structure for anyone new to Surf Control. So if you need a place to start try out the attached files.

Remember it is not advisable to activate any Disallow Rules without planning and testing so you can undo them if they affect production.

The structure also assumes you tie to a domain with the Surf Control Enterprise User Manager so you can have various domain\groups.

The structure also allows for flexibility for multiple sites assuming they are sharing the Internet connection that the Surf Control is monitoring.

  • Rules.xls has the Actual Rules. Do this one last. You need to make the other objects first.
  • WhatConfiguration.xls is some sample protocols to block.
  • WhereConfiguration.xls are the different Where objects you might model after to allow to everyone, disallow etc.
  • WhoConfiguration.xls has all the various Who objects to help build this out.

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