Stellar Author – Brandon Sanderson

Maybe you do not like Zombie and Horror, as I do.  Something evident in previous posts.


I was first exposed to the work of Brandon Sanderson through his Mistborn series on


He comes up with extremely interesting structures of power systems that provide the magic like component to his stories.  Always amazingly structured.  Somethings you can catch enough hints to guess what else is possible.  Only to get a flush of pride if you guessed right.


Now I am absolutely enamored with the start of another series.  The Way of Kings.  As with Mistborn he establishes a new twist on good vs evil.  One explored and tied to the unique power systems Brandon comes up with.  The other thing I love about this story is the strong sense of ethics, honor and leadership principles he puts into the story.  This gives it the real substance.


And surely if you are a Wheel of Time fan you recognize his name.  It was Brandon’s Mistborn series that landed him the honor and burden of bringing the Wheel of Time home.  With The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight you can little doubt his skill as a story teller.  


So if you want some extremely rich and detailed listening or reading for your holiday.  Check out Brandon’s Mistborn then Way of Kings stories.  You can also follow his progress over on twitter,BrandonSandrson  And don’t worry if you get hooked by Mistborn.  Brandon said in his twitter stream recently that a new story set in that world is coming out in 2011.