Splunking the Laundry

I have been working on learning Python lately.  One of the best ways to learn is to pick small goals and achieve them.

The laundry room of my apartment building uses  a service called Laundryview.com to let people see the status of the washer and dryer units including time remaining.  I have my raspberrypi handy.  So I set out to put together a python script to scrape the machine status every fifteen minutes and push the data into splunkstorm.com.  This is so I can actually trend the machine usage to determine what days of the week and times are most available.   Plus I wanted to see if I could do something new. Below is a sample graph from splunkstorm showing the in use pattern for the washing machines.

Washing Machine status graph

If you want to see the python script just click more.  Warning it is down and dirty.  I could have made things more elegant but it works and I have not had time to polish it up.  You will see I use lxml to parse the mobile version of the site for the machine status from a table.

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