Splunk .conf 2014 Slides

** Update Oct 15, 2014 – Poodle SSLv3 Issue**
The talk was given the week before the SSLv3 issue was released. Please remove all references to supportSSLV3Only = true from the configs when you use them. You also can find more from Splunk on the SSLv3 issue and how to mitigate at http://www.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAANKE


.conf 2014 was a great time this year. Duane and I enjoyed giving the talk “Avoid the SSLippery Slope of Default SSL” with great questions from the audience. I was surprised at the solid turn out for a Thursday 9am talk. My talk was “From Tool to Team Member: Controlling Systems with Splunk Alert Scripts”

Here are the PDF copies of the slides for both talks:

Increasingly, production security requires more than using default SSL certificates. This session will cover best practices for implementing your own SSL certificates on all Splunk channels. The right configuration and steps can provide both encryption and authentication needed for today’s due diligence requirements.

We will go in depth into setting up alert scripts that can make web services calls to other devices such as intrusion prevention systems. This gives Splunk the ability to actively control such systems. Code samples will be provided that include being able to save login credentials encrypted within Splunk. Using alert scripts we can change Splunk from just a tool into an IT team member taking actions on your behalf!