Social Media & Blogging – Posting Shell Game

Where is your “audience”? Or perhaps you have several levels of audience. I do. This is something I realized this week. I effectively have two main audience connection points for what I have to say and share. I have some minor levels of audience on my blogs and sites like Flickr directly.

The big two for me are twitter and Facebook. I should state that though I have audience on Facebook I barely log into that site directly. I feed it with twitter mainly and some other sources.

Twitter. My main audience directly on twitter is mainly my fellow security and some podcasting folks. These are people I want near immediate sharing back and forth. Sometimes it even reaches conversational levels. Twitter is a primary input point for me. A partial output point for a certain class of friend and colleague. These folks probably don’t care about all my photos and non tech/mac/security information.

Facebook. My secondary audience is here. These are folks I have known for a long time,a few media types. But mostly for school and lifetime friends to find me and keep up on my doings. I personally don’t care for Facebook games etc. So I rarely log in directly. But I want to keep these friends in the regular loop. So I send content from Twitter to my status updates. I also feed Facebook updates with other sites like Twitter, my tech blog and this blog. So they can get a stream of things from me without my having to be a real Facebook user.

Next are my two blogs. One tech/forensics heavy is a traditional wordpress blog. Mostly the audience for my tech blog are folks who find specific content I post via google. The rest catch the posts via friendfeed or facebook. A few security and forensics types might also directly subscribe via rss. Except for google I figure the direct access is a small portion of those seeing the posts.

The personal blog is a more unique animal. I have redirected my domain to a site called This is meant to be an easy blogging system. BUT more importantly its a feeder mechanism. You can setup auto posting to other social sites. Anything I post here can be made to send updates to Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed (that is another aggregation site). Also you can have it send photos straight to Flickr and videos to youTube. There are many other services it supports. I don’t use it to send posts back to twitter since that audience for me is different and would like tune me out if I did that. I also don’t have it auto post to flickr since like my tech blog I want only my best photos there. I leave my casual photos on the posterous blog itself so my casual audience can see them down stream.

The end of the story is I want to enter as few places as possible while feeding the right type of content to my appropriate personal audience. Twitter is my main point of entry. That comes out for everyone but I keep the comments flavored a certain way. Then I use my two blogs to segregate the types of longer format posts.  I provided a map to show the flow of the social posting shell game.