Smokeping and Checking Work Webmail

I have heard our sales group say our webmail goes down a lot at work. This is their justification for using free non Company webmail for business purposes. I feel for them if it is true, but for liability and eDiscovery purposes they need to use our own webmail as backup to their vpn based MS Outlook. With that said it is the responsibility of our IT department to ensure our webmail system stays up and is usable. So I aimed my VM based Smokeping setup at our webmail.

Our webmail requires use of HTTPS and does not reply to pings. Both very good things. So I just had to use a Curl probe setup in Smokeping. Curl is just a command line tool that fetches web pages as text. Below are the commands and the graphed results. It does at least respond to HTTP to redirect the person over to HTTPS so we can curl on HTTP.

First you need to install Curl in our Ubuntu VM

sudo apt-get install curl

Second you need to add the probe type under the +++ Probes section.  Just sudo vi /etc/smokeping/config

+ Curl
# probe-specific variables
binary = /usr/bin/curl
step = 60
urlformat = htp://%host%/

Third you need to add a section and our host.

probe = Curl
menu = HTTP
title = HTTP Latency

+++ CompanyWebmail
menu = Company Webmail
title = Company Webmail Site Latency
host =

SmokePing Latency Page for Cinram Webmail Site
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