Paul’s Hacked Up Perl Script

Paul posted his current version of his nmap perl script. It will give me an excuse to learn a little perl to build in some extra arguments for ports, input file of networks etc. It makes great output. If you have a smaller network like a home lab with multiple PCs. Take out the -p option and see what all you get back as open on all hosts. Very interesting. Things like vmware authentication ports even show up. Paul was right that the updated service database in Nmap 4.20 is very nice. The script came out of our discussion on my previous shell scripts. Check it out over on Episode 55.

I got it running on my powerbook after adding Perl via Darwinports. I then had to install the following Perl modules. In this order for dependencies.

  1. XML-Parser-2.34
  2. XML-Twig-3.26
  3. Nmap-Parser-1.05

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