MS Exchange Server Patch

If you do not read all bulletins that Microsoft releases and just trust in automatic updates you could face a problem. For example if you still run Exchange 5.5 on windows NT 4.0 you need to apply this one by hand. MS06-003 will require a reboot so be prepared for 15-30 mins down time for Exchange services to shut down and your server restart.

If you do not apply this one you may be facing a time bomb since any mail message crafted with an exploit for this flaw could hit each server it passes through.

Taking a step back, Mr. Gibson.

Thank you. Seems I am not alone among security professionals who thinks Steve Gibson can sometimes go a bit overboard in his claims. Paul, Larry and Mason think he went a bit far in claiming intentional backdoor written into a windows flaw by Microsoft.

Don’t misunderstand. I think he has done a great deal for awareness of some issues and makes some good tools. He is an amazing assembly programmer. A skill I have not used since I was 16. But I think he should take a step back before making such a claim. We all have to take a deep breath on occasion before we share information particularly about things we are passionate about. I too think this should have been one of those times.

Check out episode 10 over at the Security podcast.

Sherlock Holmes – Master of Troubleshooting

In my opinion you can find no better troubleshooter example than Sherlock Holmes. I love all of those stories. If you strive to remain calm and keep your eyes open like Sherlock you can survive all major IT problems.

A podcast I enjoy along those lines is Tim Aldrich reading Sherlock Holmes stories. Tim gives a true to podcasting spirit reading of the material with clean yet unembellished audio quality. He has made his way though many of the books already and reads a couple of chapters a week on average.

You can find his site, feed and zipped files at SherlockHolmesAudio



Welcome to 2006

Greetings everyone.  I hope 2006 is starting off well for everyone.

This year I decided to figure out wordpress, RSS etc.  I have been helping with several podcasts through 2005.  Friends in Tech, In the Trenches and the Typical PC and Mac User shows.

I will continue to cohost In the Trenches but there are some coming changes in my job duties.  More on that later.  But it will result in some good material for ITT and this site will serve to vet the ongoing details.