Acronis True Image v9

I use their server product at work and love it. Images the system while its up and running etc. So I talked to Acronis and got a discount for listeners of our FriendsinTech podcasts.

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MS Exchange Server Patch

If you do not read all bulletins that Microsoft releases and just trust in automatic updates you could face a problem. For example if you still run Exchange 5.5 on windows NT 4.0 you need to apply this one by hand. MS06-003 will require a reboot so be prepared for 15-30 mins down time for Exchange services to shut down and your server restart.

If you do not apply this one you may be facing a time bomb since any mail message crafted with an exploit for this flaw could hit each server it passes through.


Taking a step back, Mr. Gibson.

Thank you. Seems I am not alone among security professionals who thinks Steve Gibson can sometimes go a bit overboard in his claims. Paul, Larry and Mason think he went a bit far in claiming intentional backdoor written into a windows flaw by Microsoft.

Don’t misunderstand. I think he has done a great deal for awareness of some issues and makes some good tools. He is an amazing assembly programmer. A skill I have not used since I was 16. But I think he should take a step back before making such a claim. We all have to take a deep breath on occasion before we share information particularly about things we are passionate about. I too think this should have been one of those times.

Check out episode 10 over at the Security podcast.