NTC’s 7th Annual Technology Nashville Conference on May 17th

NTC Conference URL: http://www.technologycouncil.com/news.php?viewStory=1108

When: May 17th
Where: Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
What: Gathering of some of the most influential minds in IT in Middle Tennessee. Target audience includes eBusiness CEOs, Chief Technology Officer/ Chief Information Officer, Website & Software Developers AND Chief Information Security Officers

$65 – NTC Members, $90 Non-NTC Members, $50 Gov/Academic
(continental breakfast and lunch included)

The Nashville ISSA President Mark Johnson and past President Mark Burnette will be featured along with Carl Herberger of Allied InfoSecurity and Nissan North America’s CSO Fred Scholl (also Mid TN ISSA member)as part of a CISO panel at the event.

See http://www.technologycouncil.com/news.php?viewStory=1114 for more panel bios/details

They will cover topics like:

  • Examples of how your customers and business partners are demanding security.
  • Examples on how you’ve noticed that threats are on the rise.
  • How has the Tennessee Data Breach Law and other regulatory pressures affected you.
  • Is business integration and outsourcing affecting your security?
  • Discuss your budgetary process and resources – what are your challenges in this space.
  • What are your biggest concerns and comments on security partners / vendors?

Jim Phillips from Luminetx Technologies will also be speaking. Jim’s company designed the Vein Viewer Imaging Technology which reads the vein patterns of individuals for security purposes and he is also the founder of IPix Technologies which is a 360 degree security camera system used at the White House.