Moseying down to the Big Nerd Ranch

I decided to do something interesting with my bonus from work this year.  Well bonus plus saving till September.   Instead of adding yet another certification I decided to modernize my coding skills.  In October I am going to go down to the Big Nerd Ranch for the Objective C/Cocoa Bootcamp.  All my own dime and vacation time.  Heck after 11 years at the same place I have over 4 weeks of vacation saved up that I have to use this year.  If work benefits, great, if not then I can do some things I have been wanting to code up for a few years.  My seat is reserved and its an easy drive over to the Atlanta area when the time comes.  It should be intense but fun.  I have always enjoyed bootcamp environments.   Plus I have a stock of books to read in plenty of time before October.