Mac Shell Script – Crack PGP Virtual Disk (PGD)

Today I was not up for doing any full program code.  On top of that I recorded an upcoming Typical Mac User show with Victor answering some listener questions about file encryption.  One of the things we talked about was PGP for Mac.  I got to wondering.  What are the odds that they provide a command line option for mounting PGP encrypted discs?  Can I do yet another dictionary attack script?

Here is what I have initially found.  Note we are talking about a PGP virtual disk file setup for passphase NOT key authentication.  You must have the commercial Mac PGP Whole Disk Encryption application installed.

There is a pgpdisk –mount command.  So can we toss it in a loop like we did for DMG files?  Why of course we can!  Note that you need to change to the desired dictionary path and file.   Same for the target .PGD file you want.  Note on the PGD file my example is PGPTest with the full path minus the extension in the below example.

You will notice when you run your attack that you see some text about “Error -11998 – buffer too small”  This is because normally if the passphrase you enter is wrong it will prompt you three more times.  The way we are piping in at the front of the line with the echo we cause it to error and ignore those multiple entry attempts and keep going through our dictionary file.


for word in $(cat /Volumes/ExternalDrive/Dictionaries/test.txt | grep -v “#”)


echo -n $word | pgpdisk –mount /Volumes/MyBook/PGPDisks/PGPTest –passphrase $word

if [[ $? = 0 ]]


echo “Password found!”

echo $word

exit 0



echo “password not found :(”

exit 1


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