iTunes – Streaming over SSH via Internet

I was travelling this past week for my Grandfather’s funeral. He was 94 and did about everything you can imagine in his life.

We stopped at my dad’s place on the way home this weekend. I got to messing with iTunes over the Internet since I had not been able to sync my ipod etc during the week.

It seems iTunes checks the source address of any connections to streaming. So just opening TCP 3689 on my router via remote would not work. I had to trick it into thinking the connection was coming from the same private network segment as my main iTunes is on at home.

So you can add this to your SSH connection line when accessing your home Mac from remote. Replace the homeinternalIP as the local network IP of the mac doing the sharing inside your home network. It might be something like if on an airport extreme N router. This will tell your SSH session to listen locally on the DAAP iTunes sharing port. One other thing. Make sure iTunes sharing on your laptop is off. That way the port is not already occupied.


Next you will need Network Beacon for OSX. This program lets you setup your own Bonjour aka mDNS announcements. This is necessary to fool iTunes into seeing the shared iTunes service. You can grab it at

Add a beacon that looks like the  below image.  You will need to make sure your SSH connection is up.  Give it a minute and it should start showing in your iTunes on your laptop as the service name.  The example below would be homeMac.   That is all there is too it.  If you have a decent connection speed on both ends you can stream just as if you were on the same network segment at home.

Picture 1
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