iPod – Lighter than Air

I don’t understand all the hostility to the new Macbook Air.  It is definitely aimed at a certain class of users.  With that said.  I sure do not need one.  My iPod touch is turning into a light as air pocket computer.  After that v1.3 firmware update I rarely even turn on my PowerBook around the house anymore.  And nearly as little take my PowerBook with me to the coffee shop any more.  I have my email setup and all using SSL for encryption.  The only concern I have is about twitter and a web based AOL IM client not being encrypted.  So I setup an account on publicvpn.com.  The iPod Touch added VPN ability like the iPhone with the v1.3 update.  Now just to test that next time I go to the coffee shop.  But once that works and some good native applications come out due to the developer kit I may almost never take my laptop for casual communications again.