4 Replies to “iPhone4 Microphone Input Adapter”

  1. Hi, I read your pdf article "ExcerciseSupplemental-RainbowCain". In it you teach about 8 (eight) character long pass, but the rainbow formula you used clearly states 1-7 (minimum 1, maximum 7). You used as example pass SCOOBY, which is irrelevant to the "eight" length cause it has only six letters. Is there a mistake in you referring to "eight" or I am missing something? thanks.

  2. It has been so long I will re-read it. I believe I meant that it is shorter than 8 characters. Meaning it does not have to split it into a second chunk that also has to be checked. Thus will crack the fastest.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was disappointed when the Owle Bubo mic didn’t work with iPhone 4. Now I have a possible solution.

  4. See New Vericorder Mic for iPhone 4http://vericordertechnology.mybigcommerce.com/products/Mini-Mic-for-Video-%28iPhone-4%29.html

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