iPad as a Podcast Skype Source

I was doing some experimenting for a friend over the weekend. It is common to run skype on a second computer when podcast recording and take the in/out audio from the second computer, usually a laptop, into a channel on a mixing board. Then you use mix minus to ensure the person on skype can hear everything but themselves. What if you don’t have a second computer BUT you do have an iPad? This is still assuming you have a mixing board of course.


Just attach the USB Apple Camera Connector Kit adapter to your iPad.


Next attach a Griffin iMic to the USB Camera Connector Kit adapter.


Hook it into your mixing board via the in and out ports on the iMic to the appropriate jacks on your mixing board. Start Skype and it will send its audio to the iMic appropriately split to the in/out ports of the iMic.


Congrats you are using Skype running on your iPad mixed into your audio for your show.