eTrust – Discovery

If you use eTrust you may be confused by the ways to discover your agents. There are several types of discovery. One of which only works on r8.

  • Free Election This is directed broadcast discovery on the subnet local to the admin server. r6,7,7.1 and 8 clients are discoverable. If you followed the previous advice on cisco configuration then likely you are blocking directed broadcasts.
  • Biased Election: This is like the free election above but if the IP address specified in the network subnet settings is responding it will be the winner of the election and act as your proxy. Again blocking directed broadcasts can be a problem.
  • Specified Election Use this if you have an always reachable and on host on a remote subnet. r6,7,7.1 and 8 clients are discoverable. This is a proxy type of method where the remote host does a broadcast based discovey on its subnet. But it is not a directed broadcast.
  • Sweep Scan This does a tcp based sweep of a network range looking for agents responding on the eTrust application port. Only r8 agents are discoverable. This puts more of a load on the ITM server so I recommend you use specified election when possible.

I also recommend setting the phone home policy if you are using r8 ITM. This tells the clients to report back to your admin server without waiting to be discovered.