eTrust: A Tale of Two Engines

One of the things I like about eTrust ITM antivirus/pestpatrol is that the AV has two engines. There is the base eTrust engine with CA’s signatures. Additionally they have the VET engine with its different signatures. Here is how I like to leverage both engines.

  1. Pick one engine on your email server (this assumes you use it on your mail server)
  2. Use the other engine as your real-time protection on your client desktops.
  3. Run a scheduled cure scan with the vet engine every 6 days.
  4. Run a second scheduled cure scan with the etrust engine every 6 days BUT you offset it from the vet cure scan by 3 days.

We all know antivirus software is pretty much signature based with some behavioral protections. There will be times when some malware gets onto your clients before a signature is released that recognizes it.  You leverage the two engines by running the overlapping cure scans every three days. What one engine does not catch the other might.