Cracking Filevault – vfcrack compiling on OSX

This morning I woke up a bit early in the mood to see if I could improve crowbarDMG.  I had always intended to look at the OpenCiphers project code as a replacement to my own internal password test code.  Their vfcrack code is MUCH faster than my current code.  It would just be nice to have the gui and the progress saving ability of my crowbarDMG application.

I downloaded the vfcrack and went to compile it.  Of course it had to be a pain. I would run make and get the following error.

ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [vfcrack] Error 1

After poking around I found a fix.  Just edit the Makefile and add -lcrypto after -lssl on the LDFLAGS line.  Then just run make again.

Now the program successfully compiles.  The next hurdle is I can’t seem to get it to actually succeed in cracking a DMG test file.  So it isn’t worth changing my program till I see this code actually crack something.  I should also add I am on 10.5.7 in case that has an effect on their code.  I am testing their provided dict against their provided dmg file using my crowbarDMG as a sanity check.


Found that my crowbar app was looking like it was testing the passwords properly from their dictionary file.  Turns out their file was in windows format with end of line CR+LF.  I was just stripping off the LF.  So now I have fixed my code and should publish updates to the auto update feeds soon for both crowbarDMG and crowbarKC.

I still can’t get a successful crack from their routine.