CPEs, PDF and your Apple iPad

I am thrilled that an increasing number of the magazines I read for continuing professional education are providing PDF versions.  This provides many benefits to the Information Security and IT professional.

  1. Less paper to handle, store or dispose of.
  2. iBooks and Good Reader save your place in the PDF.
  3. Easy to store back issues for future reference.
  4. Easy to search and make notes using your iPad.

The sources of the PDFs I read vary in their easy of access to the PDF and if you need to have an account to reach them. I download them from the source as they become available then I put them in my Dropbox.com account and open from my iPad using Good Reader a $0.99 application. Alternatively you can drop PDFs onto iTunes now and  they will sync to your iPad using the iBooks app.

Here are the magazine sources I am frequently reading.

(In)secure Magazine
Cost: Free
PDF Download: Save As Link
Required Login: No

Hakin9 Magazine
Cost: Free
PDF Download: Save As Link
Required Login: No

Network Computing
Cost: Free
PDF Download: Have to click to bring up save option
Required Login: Yes – Login gets you into the various Information Week properties.  Not many have PDF magazines.

Cost: Must be paid certified member, typically a CISSP
PDF Download: Save link as
Required login: Yes

ISSA Journal
Cost: Must be a paid member of the Issa
PDF Download – Save link as
Required login – Yes

Digital Forensics Magazine
Cost: Yes, this is a standard paid magazine subscription
PDF Download: You have to open the online flash reader. Then you can export all pages to a PDF.
Required login – Yes

Forensics Magazine
Cost: Free
PDF Download: You have to receive a link from an email to get to the viewer. Then you can save the pdf from the flash based viewer.
Required login – Yes

If you are an ASIS member you will find you cannot get the Security Management magazine in PDF. You can get the newsletter in a PDF.

Security Management & ASIS Dynamics
Cost: newsletter is free. Must be a member to read the magazine online.

For Dynamics Newsletter:
PDF Download – Save link as
Required login – Yes