Looking for a good way to get some CPE credits for your CISSP renewal? Here are some ideas for both type A and type B CPEs.

Type A

Sans Webcasts have great content. Add in that they keep track for you in your portal account what casts you have viewed and provide a link to download a PDF of your CPE certificate. Just make sure to enter your CISSP number in your account settings.

The Cyberspeak Podcast by a couple of computer forensics and law enforcement professionals. Great humor and always interesting content. The show lasts an hour so you can claim each show for 1 CPE under the self-study category. Just be sure to retain the MP3 file and a screen shot (or pdf) of the show description for your CPE records in case you get audited.

Type B

The Manager Tools Podcast is an awesome show on management style, development and tools. Always useful items to serve your professional development needs. Like Cyberspeak above. Keep the files and the show description for your records. Again falls under self-study (webcasts). A one hour show for 1 CPE each episode.

The Manager Tools guys have a great book list on their site. You can claim one book a year. Just be sure to retain the book for your CPE records. All their books are management and personal development so the one book each year gets you 5 CPEs toward your total.