Cisco 1200 AP – WPA(1&2)-PSK

If you are looking for a simple down and dirty procedure for setting up an SSID with WPA 1 or 2 preshared key on a Cisco 1200AP here ya go.

  • This assumes you have a working Cisco 1200 AP with all other configuration done.
  • This assumes you have setup a trunk port and have multiple vlans setup for your network

An example switch interface supporting this access point would look like below: This is a trunk port using dot1q trunking protocol to the Access Point with native vlan as vlan 15 where vlan18 may be the new SSID with WPA we are allowing

interface FastEthernet0/1
description FrontOffice AP
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk vlan 15
switchport trunk allowed vlan 15,18
no ip address
duplex full
speed 100
spanning-tree portfast

  1. Log into web interface of 1200 AP
  2. Click Security
  3. Click SSID Manager
  4. Click Define Vlan link next to the VLAN pull down box on the right
  5. <NEW> should be highlighted in the Current VLAN List box
  6. Enter the numerical vlan number in the VLAN ID: box to the right
  7. Enter a name if you wish it is optional. The VLAN Name: box to the right
  8. Click Apply
  9. Click Security
  10. Click SSID Manager
  11. <NEW> should be highlighted in the Current SSID List box
  12. Enter your new SSID in the SSID: box to the right
  13. Pull down the VLAN: Box and select the vlan you defined
  14. Check the box for Interace: Radio0-802.11G (or the radio you want if you have more than one)
  15. Scroll down and Click the First APPLY button.
  16. Click Security
  17. Click Encryption Manager
  18. Select the VLAN in the Set Encryption Mode and Keys for VLAN: pulldown box
  19. Select the Cipher radio button
  20. For WPA-PSK select TKIP in the Cipher pull down box
  21. For WPA2-PSK select AES CCMP in the Cipher pull down box
  22. If you want WPA Mixed mode select AES CCMP + TKIP in the Cipher pull down box.  This allows clients to use the same SSID for either WPA2 or WPA1
  23. Leave Encryption Keys section blank
  24. Ensure Broadcast Key Rotation Interval is Disable Rotation under Global Properties
  25. Click the APPLY button
  26. Click Security
  27. Click SSID Manager
  28. Click the desired SSID we are setting up under the Current SSID List scroll box
  29. Scroll down to Authenticated Key Managent section leaving all other options default
  30. Select Mandatory in the Key Management pull down box
  31. Check the WPA check box to the right
  32. Enter your desired WPA preshared key in the WPA Pre-shared Key: text box
  33. Assuming you are using regular text leave ASCII selected.
  34. Scroll down and Click the First APPLY button.

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