eLearning – Adobe Captivate and Moodle

I started experimenting with Moodle (an open source learning management system) and Adobe Captivate (generate courseware in flash etc).  The issue is that despite signing information security policies, the employees do not read nor heed what is in them.  So I am looking at making a mockup eLearning page.  This will enable me to make audio-visual courseware explaining the policies in employee speak, then tack on a quiz to serve as a validation method that they paid attention.It worked great for the most part so far.   I downloaded a sample quiz.  You make sure to export with SCORM v1.2 compatibility within Captivate.  Here is where I ran into an issue.  I would take the sample quiz and in some cases Moodle’s gradebook got back that I made a 100 on the quiz.  When I actually made like a 87 percent.  I felt very dumb when I realized the issue.The quiz I was testing with had a points maximum of 130 points.  I had the SCORM settings in Captivate set to report raw score.  So I could make 100 or more points and Moodle just saw it as a 100 perfect score.  The trick is change the SCORM settings to report PERCENTAGE not raw.  Then when you setup the module in your course within Moodle set the maximum score at 100.  Then things will display properly.