Using Hazel on OSX for Podcast Audio Production Archival

I got into setting up some Hazel file maintenance today. Hazel is a powerful app you can find at

It was a good episode of that got me going.


I have my audio work files on a firewire based raid mirror. As I am regularly doing the audio production for disk space becomes a concern over time. Yet I want to keep all the files. So I whipped up a hazel rule set that compresses all audio related files to zip if they are older than the current month automatically.


I have included screenshots here. The key is the subfolders rule. It ensures all the files under the Cyberspeak show get handled. Yet I make sure to exclude my show template from soundtrackPro and some music etc files. I show the rule for AIF uncompressed audio which is just replicated for each of the large file types I am concerned about.


Lastly I also use Chronosync from This lets my system automatically weekly sync over my entire audio production folder and file area to another hard drive across my network. This ensures I have copies of all my work on effectively three different hard drives. The two mirrored drives from the raid then a third drive across the house.


Video – Podcasting Mix Minus Setup for Multi Track Recording and Skype

I walk through how I have mix minus setup to my Mackie 802-vlz3 board for multi track podcast recording. This goes along with my other video on using audio hijack pro for multitrack recording. I do realize you can pan one channel left and another right (such as the recording host and the music-fx) then record that coming out of the master mix. I don’t do this because it creates the extra work in post processing of having to break them apart into mono tracks. Plus doing individual hijacks in AHP lets me apply different audio processing stacks to the capture live as recorded. This setup works well when wanting to record all three tracks on one end when using skype. You might want to do this for interviews or when your cohost is traveling.




iChat and selected audio

I have an issue with iChat on the Mac. When I select my audio interface where my mic plugs in I get all audio going through that interface in both directions. Meaning if I play any sounds iChat hears them all. This is partly a side effect of my having a mix minus setup going to an external mixing board. What I need is an interface that ONLY lets iChat hear my microphone and any other applications I specifically select.


I found that if I use my Wiretap Anywhere ( and setup an input with the interface my mic goes into plus say my Soundboard ( program and select that as the input in iChat then it works perfectly. Now only my mic and selected audio is heard by iChat.


I suspect that using WTA ensures that only the input side of my Griffin iMic ( is being sent through the virtual audio interface to iChat. I use the outbound side to send system audio out to my mixing board. That is likely why iChat hears everything. It’s grabbing both in and out of the selected interface. Using WTA seems to clip that. Regardless if I am right it sure solves my problem.