AppleScript- Getting Brandon Sanderson Project Updates read aloud.

I have been playing around making a Jarvis like home notifaction script.  One piece of that for fun is to read me the current Brandon Sanderson book project status report.  I made the below applescript to parse the information off his Web site and read it aloud to me. After all men don’t read (a Stormlight Archive reference so go get the book). I am a huge fan of his Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series.  Oh yeah… He is also finishing the Wheel of Time too. ;-)

Warning that the below script could break at any time.  It has to parse out bits of html code.  Who knows how much that changes each time updates his status.  I won’t know till the next update.  You can see those bits in the AppleScript’s text item delimeters lines in the script.




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  1. Wow, as a former In the Trenches fan, how did I never know you were a fellow Sanderson/WoT junkie??

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