Apple Airport Express

I have to admit I am completely pleased with the Apple Airport Express.  Last time I travelled for work my old netgear travel router started overheating and crashing.  So I looked around for a replacement.  I started out with the Linksys travel router and a few others.  After I got to looking at it i wondered what the Airport Express was like and how much it cost.  I was surprised it was the same $99 USD as the Linksys.  Better design and certainly more features such as the ability to use it to stream my music to my entertainment center when not travelling with it.  It even supports profiles so you can just flip the settings when you hit the road.  The best part is that since it uses the same standard slide off corner for the power plug as the laptop power supplies I can use my Apple travel adapter kit on it.  This has made using it here in Europe very smooth.  And it sure beats sitting over at the desk.  Well time to finish packing up to catch my taxi.  Going to enjoy the nice train ride up to London and go see how the remodel went on the Apple Store over on Regent Street.  It was in progress when I was here last fall.