Adding multiple calendars from Google to iDevices

I was making a shared calendar specifically for Macworld with Victor Cajiao. It will be a busy conference so it will help if we can put all known events in one spot. Then we want to be able to modify it on the fly from anywhere and have both of us see it while we are there.

This calendar is a second one beyond my normal one in my google calendar account. My normal calendar default having added my google account in both my iPhone and iPad syncs fine. The problem is the additional calendar was not showing up. I even had my google account added as an MS Exchange server account.

Here is the trick. After you are sure your device is syncing as an ms exchange account go to on your device. Sign into your google or google apps account. Once signed in go to now you can see all the devices syncing to your account. Touch on the desired device to modify the sync settings. Now you can see the list of all your calendars in your account. By default just your main one is selected. Add your other calendars. Last step. Go into the account settings for your google account under mail on your idevice. Turn off calendar sync. Let it remove your calendar data. Ten turn it back on. Give it a minute or two to resync. Now your multiple calendars should show up.