AccessData – DNA Password Cracking & Amazon EC2

I had a whim to see what I could do with my license of AccessData’s DNA password cracking tool.  It is the Distributed version of their PRTK for the FTK Forensics package.

They have an agent for Windows, Mac, Sony PS3 and Redhat/Fedora Linux.  But could it run under Ubuntu? Perhaps under the WINE windows emulator?  I found the answer to be yes.  I built a local VMWare instance in Fusion on my Mac using Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop.  I added Wine, then copied over the DNA Worker.msi installer and ran it.  Sure enough it reported into my DNA Manager which I had also running in a VMware instance, though that one is Windows XP to ensure the license dongle can be attached.

So my next question is how hard would it be to get a DNA worker, or a batch of them whipped up on the Amazon EC2 cloud and have them report back to my DNA Manager in vmware where my license dongle was attached.  The answer was not too bad.  And yes it works.  I cracked a zip file with the password “Scooby44” in 19 minutes with a combination of my local vmware Ubuntu instance and a Medium dual CPU instance on Amazon EC2.    I also ran the job briefly against a small base level instance on EC2 to see the average passwords per second.

Read more to see the basic stats.  I will soon decide if I make some screen cast tutorials or a written PDF of the whole setup process.  I will put together a tutorial regardless of which medium I choose.

Finished Job

Worker Type: Amazon EC2 Medium Instance (2 CPU)

  • Average Passwords per Second: 1,330,036
  • Price: $0.17 per hour

Worker Type: Amazon EC2 Small Instance (1 CPU)

  • Average Passwords per Second: 340,000
  • Price: $0.085 per hour

Worker Type: Local VMWare in Fusion for Mac (1 CPU assigned)

  • Average Passwords per Second: 1,087,887
DNA Worker List
DNA Worker List
Compare Amazon EC2-Medium vs Local VM
Compare Amazon EC2-Medium vs Local VM

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