AccessData DNA & Amazon EC2 – Part Two

We continue our tutorial series on AccessData’s Distributed Network Attack (DNA) password recovery software with Amazon EC2 worker agents.  We move into Amazon EC2 and what you need to know about the service itself.  In part three we will cover starting up an instance based on an exisiting Amazon Machine Image (AMI), logging into it and adding the packages we need to prepare it as a worker.

Keep in mind as we are moving into Amazon Web Services, even if you use the free tier account our tutorial touches on instances and data transfers that might incur costs.  Hopefully they are small per Amazon’s wonderful pricing. BUT  *I* am not legally nor financially responsible for your use or how you use these tutorials. Please only do things you are legally and financially authorized for.  It is on you.

I have not ironed out the HTML5 player fall back to flash issue yet.  So if you cannot play the video in this post you can download it HERE or watch it over in my YouTube Channel.