AccessData DNA & Amazon EC2 – Part Four

We continue our tutorial series on AccessData’s Distributed Network Attack (DNA) password recovery software with Amazon EC2 worker agents.

In this part we cover how to save a custom AMI instance to our Amazon S3 Storage.  Then we tie a new custom AMI to that image.  We end up with our own saved AMI image we can spin up later on demand. You will need to spin up and complete the customization steps from the Part Three video if you are continuing our tutorial series.  Otherwise this is a good video simply on how to save a custom linux AMI image for later use.

The tools and sites mentioned are:

You will run up storage costs by storing an image like this. I am not legally nor financially responsible for your use or how you use these tutorials. Please only do things you are legally and financially authorized for.  It is on you.

I have not ironed out the HTML5 player fall back to flash issue yet.  So if you cannot play the video in this post you can download it HERE or watch it over in my YouTube Channel.

Read More to get the list of commands used in this video.

scp -i DNAWorker.pem ~/Downloads/pk-STRINGOFTHIRTYTWOLETTERSORDIGITS.pem ~/Downloads/cert-STRINGOFTHIRTYTWOLETTERSORDIGITS.pem ubuntu@[your_instance_public_address]:~

>>ssh into instance

sudo cp *.pem /mnt
shred -u -n 1 *.pem
rm *.deb
sudo apt-get install zip unzip ruby openssl libopenssl-ruby curl
sudo passwd root
su root

curl >

mkdir ec2
cp ec2
cd ec2
ln -s ec2-ami-tools-* current
vi ~/.bashrc

>> add to bash

export EC2_AMITOOL_HOME=~/ec2/current
export PATH=${PATH}:~/ec2/current/bin

>> reinitialize config

source ~/.bashrc

ec2-bundle-vol –help


ec2-upload-bundle -b [your-s3-bucket] -m /mnt/image.manifest.xml -a [aws-access-key-id] -s [aws-secret-access-key]