AccessData DNA & Amazon EC2 – Part Five

We wrap up our tutorial series on AccessData’s Distributed Network Attack (DNA) password recovery software with Amazon EC2 worker agents.

In this part we spin our custom AMI instance up and install the DNA worker agent.  Then we spin up a total of 20 of the dual core instances to see the password attempt throughput.

You will run up costs by running instances. I am not legally nor financially responsible for your use or how you use these tutorials. Please only do things you are legally and financially authorized for.  It is on you.

I have not ironed out the HTML5 player fall back to flash issue yet.  So if you cannot play the video in this post you can download it HERE or watch it over in my YouTube Channel.

6 Replies to “AccessData DNA & Amazon EC2 – Part Five”

  1. I wrote the tutorial for those with very limited comfort or experience with Linux. Thus keeping things in the gui frame of mind. Plus trying to teach how to use VI to edit configs for a linux client is boring. I wanted also to know if the wine trick would work. Anyone comfortable with the limited instructions from AD on those linux agents and adapting them to Debian for the Ubuntu I used for the tutorial likely doesn’t need the tutorial beyond maybe the Amazon image stuff that is not directly related to the AD DNA tools.

  2. An interesting idea nonetheless.  Having your AD with Wine must be going around.  FTKimager also runs under Wine, albeit not the memory capture function…

  3. Yeah works fairly well when you don’t have hardware on hand. Now if I could just find a good tutorial on distributed john the ripper setup. Want to update and test the tutorial for that as alternative to DNA.

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