A Dose of Own Medicine

Granted this is not about Infosec.  But it will be interesting to find out the final details.  By now everyone has heard about the massive pet food tainting with what appears to be an active ingredient found in some rat poison.  I cannot imagine how that could have gotten in so much food by accident.  So it will be highly interesting to see where they went wrong in their process.  I personally need to add if it was on purpose that person should be given a month supply of the tainted food and locked in room.  I had the misfortune of thinking I was giving out little minpin Rylie a bag of this stuff for Christmas as a holiday special dinner.  It nearly killed him.  I tried to tell my wife that he was losing way too much weight and something was wrong.  She didn’t believe me till he hit 6 lbs and was getting sick all the time.  The vet knew his kidney’s were starting to fail but had no idea why.  Well now we know.  Thank goodness we never gave him the whole bag of a certain meaty softfood from Petsmart.  Now he is back up to his old weight on a special bland dog food.  He will likely still have stomach issues etc and it probably shaved a few years off his lifespan.  All I know is I remember the sinking feeling when she called me while I was on travel and the vet thought it might be cancer or failing organs for some unknown reason.  I will keep an open mind that something just went horribly wrong but if it was someone with intent they better never run into me in a dark alley.