Splunk TA-Openphish

Perhaps I should have waited till Friday to release something related to Phishing. Yeah bad humor, Phish Fryday…

I want to test things a little more before putting this to apps.splunk.com. However, you can find the TA-Openphish over on my Git Repo. It indexes the feed that Openphish provides you. The readme gives you all the items to consider and setup. I provided a way to filter what gets indexed based on ASN or Brand. You can even combine them for an ADD type filter. However, the Openphish feed is fairly small so I recommend at least starting out to index the whole thing unfiltered.

I also provided Splunk Enterprise App modular inputs for threatlist correlation integration. As I do not have ES here at home I have not recently tested that.  Jack Coates of Splunk did test my initial threat list for the IPs over the weekend and said it worked fine. Big thanks Jack! I appreciate getting a slice of your very busy time.

I also want to look at expanding this to Critical Stack processed feeds. Maybe, I can normalize Phishtank and Openphish feeds together through it for more coverage on brand protection information going into Splunk.

 ** Note March 5, 2014: corrected Critical Stack link from Threat Stack link.**