OSX Lion Filevault v2 – Dictionary Attack

I was curious if I could script a dictionary attack against one of the OSX Lion File Vault v2 encrypted external drives. If you haven’t done it. You need to be on Lion. Grab a spare USB storage stick. Make sure to backup any data from the device first. Encrypting the device by the book will erase and destroy the existing contents.

  1. Go into “Disk Utility”
  2. Plug in the desired USB storage stick
  3. Click on the device in the list
  4. Click on the Erase tab
  5. Pull down the Format box and choose one of the Encrypted options like: Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)
  6. Click Erase
  7. When prompted provide a desired password.

Now that you have setup an encrypted device you can use that to test this process.

  1. First eject the usb device
  2. Unplug it
  3. Plug it back in
  4. Click cancel and do not enter the passphrase

Now onto the rest of the process.

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Removing Power Line Hum in GarageBand

I had made a video on removing hum in Soundtrack Pro a long time back. Last night I found I had never shared a version I made where I replicated the process in GarageBand for my author friend, Jake Bible.  So I tossed the video into FCPX to put a title and introduction on it then sent it on up to YouTube.


I cover how to remove power line hum, (120Hz) from audio using GarageBand. The technique is useful for removing any constant frequency from your audio. You can find Dead Mech at http://www.jakebible.com/


Compressor 4 – Distributed Processing

I tossed together a video tutorial on using multiple macs to do distributed processing with Compressor 4.

I found that Compressor 4 cannot talk to qmaster nodes on older macs running Compressor 3.5.  And in the case of my 1st generation mac mini it won’t install Compressor 4 from the app store.  BUT I did find I could drag Compressor 4 to my mac mini manually and run it as a services only C4 qmaster node.  Thus I still get to use it for extra processing power in my Compressor 4 cluster.