Photo Comparison – Kodak Zi8 – Canon S2 IS

I did a quick comparison shot between what is supposed to be a 5MP still shot ability of the Kodak Zi8 HD video camera and my old Canon S2 IS. The Canon is a 3MP camera. But it shows you how soft the Kodak makes still shots. It makes great HD footage when well lit. But there is no substitute for the right tool for the job. My old still camera with optical zoom is still a way better still shot camera.


Video – Setting up a Podcast Multitrack Project Template in Soundtrack Pro

I cover how I create a base show template using a Soundtrack Pro multitrack project. We keep with our Double Ender strategy and setup a submix just for the vocal tracks. We apply limiters and a fat eq to clear up the voice tracks by default. From this template you can tweak and update it specifically for your show format and usual audio characteristics.



Video – Podcast Double End Recording with MP2 Transfer for Multitrack Editing

I show how I approach recording a podcast that has two hosts remote to each other and a sound effects track going “live to hard drive”. We still end up with multiple tracks (three) for the ability to enhance each track as needed without modifying the others. I demonstrate the easy trick to lining the tracks back up in sync before editing.

We use Audio Hijack Pro, Soundboard and Mpeg Streamclip in our example. – $32 USD – $29 USD – Free

Video – Multitrack Interview Recording for Podcasts

This is the simple way I record just an interview with another person. I use Skype and Audio Hijack Pro ( ) on OSX. This gives me two track files each with it’s own custom preprocessing filters. That reduces work in post edit. Also makes it easy to do later processing on each person without affecting the other.

Video – Noise Reduction for Podcast Editing

I wanted to play around with sending video to YouTube.  So I put together a few minutes on how I do noise reduction using soundtrack pro for podcast tracks.  I use a combination of soundsoap ( and the built in noise reduction in Soundtrack Pro.    Alternatively instead of soundsoap another even better and of course more expensive noise reduction plugin is MR Noise (



Setup iPhone 3GS in Nissan Altima without adhesives, screws or suction cups

I wanted to figure out a nice clean non invasive way to mount my iphone for use in my new Altima. The solution I came up with uses a combination of the Ped3 Form holder on a Naja King Coil stand both from You can watch how I put it all together on the video I made. I do also use the Belkin retractable stereo cable for feeding the audio into the aux of the Altima stereo system. It keeps the whole rig easy to remove and get out of the way. Form Naja

Belkin Retractable Stereo Cable

* Update Aug 6, 2011 *

I also have this device in my older Altima.  Because the built in handsfree bluetooth does not support A2DP for audio playback the TuneLink Auto works AWESOME!  It lets my iPhone4 stream podcasts, audiobooks, pandora etc to my car audio but still uses the built in handsfree of the Altima for phone calls.  It seamlessly transitions between the two.