SNMP Auditing

Here is an easy way to find all snmp devices on your network and check if they are running any of a list of common strings you want to test for.  And do it without risking a write access check.  I did the following with my Mac PowerBook just using the C compiler CC.

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Blog on iPhone – iPod Touch

Wow.  Today I was doing some housecleaning.  Making sure my mac is imaged and backed up.  Deleting old mail, movies from my itunes library, old applications etc etc.  Typical end of month stuff.  This took me into my blog settings because I want to phase out my old email address.  I had an automatic weekly backup of the database going there.  I noticed the WordPress plug in WPtouch that I use had an update waiting.

Talk about COOL!  I updated to the latest version.  In WordPress 2.6 it is as simple as clicking automatic upgrade.  But if you don’t have the plug in you can find it at

They have added some features that let you make it easy to pull down a menu on the iPhone/iPod screen to view flickr photos, links, a tag cloud of posts etc.  Just awesome!  Check out my site on your iPhone or iPod touch to see what I am talking about.  Click the menu item on the top right and poke around.


Testing wordpress app.

Just testing posting via the iPod touch wordpress application. I need to sniff traffic and see if it is honoring my https ssl encryption. If not then not a good idea to post at public hotspots. You could give away your credentials.