iChat Working Again – Thanks Victor!

For a while my iChat would not ever establish a chat session. It would give a sip error on the far end every time. Well today I finally got it fixed. A big thanks to Victor. It never ocurred to me I would need to clean out a cache folder associated with iChat. If you are having an odd unexplained issue try tossing out the iChat folder located under your home directory/Library/Caches. Also whomever hosts a multiple person chat should be on a good connection plus on a wired not wireless link. The full duplex of a wired connection makes a huge picture quality difference.

A big thanks to Victor Cajiao from Typical Mac User podcast on this fix.



VisualHub does dvr-ms format

SCORE! On a goofy whim. Even though the docs say nothing about it I pulled over one of my recorded shows from my Windows Media Center that is in dvr-ms format to my imac. I dropped it into VisualHub for mac. IT WORKS!!! Nothing on the internet anywhere about how to convert ms-dvr for a mac. Now I have good quality video of my recorded shows on my ipod. Perfect for loading up before a work trip. Sure it takes nearly as long to convert as the show is long. But a 3.4GB ms-dvr file turns into a 590MB mp4 in ipod for tv mode. Even after watching an hour of Engineering an Empire the audio stayed in sync. I am so happy.


IT Management – The self inflicted gunshot wound.

So is it any wonder about the sad state of the IT career path and how new people view it?  I have a friend of many years who is going to leave his current job soon.  Granted he is moving on to a good company with a major pay rate hike and a much better defined job description.  I am proud of how he has progressed since I have known him.  I feel pity for his current employer.  They have no staff skilled enough or trained enough to come close to replacing him and supporting his work load.

This brings us to the self-inflicted gunshot wound part.  He has been with them over five years.  He has proven himself adaptable over and over again.  All the user base loves him.  A rare IT person with great people skills.  Yet when his boss got promoted into a new position last year he stepped up and held things together from bills to projects.  What was his reward?  A new IT Director with ZERO IT experience is placed above him.  Nice guy, very busy process savy.  But zero IT experience.  THEN this guy puts another zero IT experience guy over my friend as manager.   Again reliable guy and well liked.  It took a while and several times where my friend was nearly hung out to dry without the new management stepping up for him against vendors who claimed they were not at fault for some things.  (which they were).  Mostly because the new management has no skills with which to assess the situations themselves.  Finally the zero experience IT manager is moved into another area.  My friend asks for the position.  And is told by the zero experience IT Director…. “You are not qualified.”  This from a man whom got his position without it being posted per company rules and gave another position that technically never existed again without posting to another person whom was completely unqualified for IT.  You can imagine how this sits with my friend whom held the business together during the phase in of the new management. Add in the fact that the two other IT staff left around same time and for several months of the new management dragging its feet in hiring close to suitable replacements.  My friend held things together and kept everyone happy.  Being told you are not qualified is a defining moment in my mind.  It makes it clear there is no path anywhere but out.  BANG..  It will be interesting to see if the bullet hit anything vital that had time lines given the staff that will be left is completely unqualified to so much as configure a router by themselves.  Maybe this time management will learn IT staff are not equivalent to janitorial staff though somehow I doubt it.  They never realize how complex things really are till the skilled quality person holding things together with chewing gum and twist ties leaves.
At least my friend is moving on to a much better environment than where he was with recognition of his skills with a realistic pay rate.